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It was wonderful to talk with you! Thank you SO much!! You've gave me light and hope!! -Beverly

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for tonight. You are amazing. I really enjoy talking to you as well. I'll be booking another reiki session. What you do is so healing and important. I'm glad to have met you. -Amy

Hey Shelby, I feel a lot of positivity and good vibes and slept well after our reiki session! I wanted to say thank you, and I would like to do another reading with you and a reiki session! -Rhiannon

Hi Shelby, I just wanted to tell you again how MUCH I truly enjoyed my reading, our chat and the entire experience with you! Thank you again!! I will certainly recommend you to friends and will see you again in a few months, as things transpire. You solidified many of my feelings and I will use the information I learned as a means to help heal myself. Thank you again for helping me come to peace with this and your incredible insight. Love and Best Wishes, -Michele

Shelby is a great person. I have been going to her for years. You have to do this. If you get a reading you will be amazed by the accuracy and her care to be truthful. -Raphael

I have seen Shelby twice now, both times at Wolf Creek Tavern in Norton. Last night, my Aunt and I both got readings, and we were both blown away by the accuracy of the content of the readings! She told us things that only we would know, and some things that I didn't even know until discussing with family afterwards! I highly recommend going to her for a reading! For all you skeptics out there, this woman is LEGIT and I will forever remember these experiences with her! -Natalie

Hi Shelby, I would like to let you know that a couple of days ago, they offered me a job to start by the end of September, EXACTLY as you predicted!! To be honest I had forgotten about your reading from February, but today I checked it again, and I was amazed. Needless to say, I will be back for more reading soon. Best regards - Stephen

Thank you Shelby for the energy reading this month. Your reading was just dead on I had to tell you and thank you for. The employment situation you were talking about is an exact match with our current situation!! My husband is basically transitioning from a bad situation to a more calm and relaxed situation! Still has a ton of work just less stress with clients! Of course more money as well he got the call today that he got a job to build a high dollar restaurant so this was exciting news. We are in the process of adopting our baby, we have guardianship of her right now and waiting on a court date to make it official!!! Your reading was dead on! I’m still just blown away by how spot on you were! I just love your readings! Thanks again Shelby! - Maggie

You have a special way of making the world a better place. Thank you so much for your help and friend. Hugs, -Carol

I have been blessed enough to reap the many benefits that Infinite Light Welness has to offer. Shelby's insight and sound advice is always spot on and has helped me get through many different personal situations in my life. Shelby is also awesome at Reiki and Crystal Healing. What I appreciate most is her openness and willingness to share her gifts. I recently visited her for the best Crystal healing session I have ever had in my life. So grateful to her and highly recommend friends and family to come see her! -Bridgette

I met with you a few months ago. One of my questions to you was regarding a strained relationship I was having with one of my male friends, if we would talk it out and the outcome of our future. You mentioned we would talk, and you said you saw the number 12 associated with that conversation. In the months following I kept thinking it would be the 12th of a month, though a few passed to no avail.This past Thursday we did talk, he initiated the conversation and the time...was 12:00 PM. Wow! Thank you, and I look forward to talking with you soon!! -Lynette

I am continually AMAZED by the accuracy of Shelby's predictions. In the 10 plus years I have been seeking her advice I truly believe she is a gift to all of us from God. Her ability to predict with such great detail, clarity, accuracy and compassion is given with a non-judgmental loving heart. She is the Best of the Best! A natural and brilliant Psychic whom you will come to appreciate with gratitude and astonishment! I feel very privileged to be read by Shelby she really is incredible!! -Gayle

Shelby, thank you so much for helping me get back to feeling like myself again. After trying many other options I finally found something that worked. I can not say enough about your crystal healing, it really is remarkable!! -Pam

Shelby is the REAL DEAL!! I have worked with her on numerous investigations. If there was ever a Ghost's Shelby!! -Steve

Shelby has amazing talents and intuitive abilities. Shelby is my go to recommendation for anyone needing guidance. Her accuracy is well above anyone else I've met. -Joseph

I just had a PHONE reading by Shelby Lynn. She is a fantastic woman who truly cares. She told me things which makes me very hopeful for my future. She even pinpointed that I had a cat with a problem going on! (I never said anything about having one). I will definitely use her again! Her saying was " Take it as a grain of salt." She repeated that a couple of times to make sure that this is what it is and if you choose to take it to heart, that is up to you. Thanks Shelby Lynn !! -Sara

Thank you for everything Shelby. You give me light and hope. Thank you so much for just taking the time to listen to me. Thank you for everything Shelby! -EV

Hi Shelby! Thank YOU, for always being there for me and sharing your amazing God given gift! You have guided me through many uncertain times and with your generous and non judgmental ways, I have come through with enlightenment and acceptance. I appreciate you and know you were not put in my life by chance Thank you once again! -GS

I went to her 3 years ago and everything she told has come true. -Suzann

Reiki works folks. I've seen Shelby help countless people with this including myself! -Steve

Shelby is just such an amazing soul! She has definitely been blessed, and is in tune with all of her gifts. She gives accurate, down-to-earth readings with great compassion and sincerity. I think just being in her presence is an enlightening experience in itself :) -Charlene P.

I highly recommend any reading or consultation from Shelby Lynn. Her videos are outstanding. She is gifted and helped me find a very important item by describing in detail just exactly where it was. I have for many years been just amazed from how she has been Blessed. You will not be disappointed! -Kathie

Many thanks for the reiki Shelby. The pain in my back and leg is gone and I am sleeping better. -Dan

Infinite Light Wellness is always a bright spot to me. And Shelby Lynn is the BEST!!! I have had many readings from her and they are all amazingly accurate and very loving. I treasure this... -Peggy

SHELBY is superlative consistently! Infinite Light Wellness is a blessing to me and many. -Ray

You are always right. Each time I come to you, you clear my heart and path going forward. -RP

Thank you for always being such a clear & perfect channel. Love you! -IKS

Hi Shelby, I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling much better knowing I have some tools to get me past this feeling I guess I have been dealing with a good part of my life. You were right… :) AGAIN..maybe finally I can feel happy again and not worried all the time! I just wanted to say "thank you" your words are powerful to me!! Happiness and health to you and yours!! ((big hug)) -Gayle S.

What a difference 3 months can make. Thank you Shelby Lynn for letting me know in advance that things were going to be right where they are going!!! you are amazing!!! New job, school is great, and I am excited!!!! xoxoxoxox -Sheri

I have worked with Shelby on many paranormal investigations and she is amazing and very accurate. She is one of the best mediums in the business. I highly recommend her, she is professional, friendly and highly skilled. -Christopher

I met with Shelby the other day and she really opened my eyes up to some things...she is a warm loving and kind person and best of all she's the real deal! She gave precise dates and events that would occur and even saw my loved ones who had passed over. Thank u Shelby. Many blessings -Shay

Absolutely the best crystal healings I've had. I feel great and highly recommend! -Josh

I have worked directly with Shelby on numerous investigations. She is one of the most IN-TUNE mediums I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It always amazes me to watch her during an investigation. She gets my highest recommendation!! -Steve

The first time I met with you was about 2 1/2 years ago, your readings have been astonishingly accurate. -Shanna

I am happy to have had the opportunity to receive some intuitive counseling sessions from Shelby Lynn for many years. Not only is she extraordinarily accurate and helpful, she also has a genuine caring for all of her clients. I highly recommend her. She has distinct skills in difficult or complicated matters. An A+ professional! -Rev. Irma K. Sawyer

She is amazing and very accurate, I trust Shelby and her abilities! You will not be disappointed or let down. -Vance

Thank you so much for my reading Tuesday, I feel so renewed. Yours was the best I have ever had. You have an amazing talent. Thank you for your help! Love you, -Rene

Shelby is just amazing all around... she has such powerful, yet soothing healing energy that pours through her. The crystal treatments are very special too because they just know what you need, and you can actually feel them working. Crystal tune up was pretty amazing! -Charlie

When my mind starts racing it's time for me to talk to you. Your wisdom keeps me balanced. Love you, -Sarah M.

Physic night was wonderful. Very insightful. I feel so positive when I leave. Looking forward to the next one! -Phyllis H.

It really helped to talk to you yesterday like it always does. You are such a treasure. Love you! -IK

This was my first reading with Shelby and I am so glad I went. Shelby is gifted and a absolutely nice person. I can't wait to have another reading with her! -Cindy

I truly love learning (or should I say remembering) about the other side and our wonderful angelic friends. Shelby is a natural at this and truly remarkable. I never tire of any event. Another wonderful experience, thank you! -Tabitha

Angel class Loved it! Shelby is very warm and friendly and very knowledgeable. -Lorna

Hi Shelby! I received a reading from you in January and I just wanted to tell you that, so far, your prediction has come true. I always like to follow up with readers and let them know when their predictions turn out to be accurate! So keep doing what you're doing and helping people with your gift :-) you were one of the only people I consulted with who was right--and not to mention how difficult timing questions can be to pin down in the spirit world!! So thanks again and hope you're well! Best wishes, -Claudia :)

Your reading instantly lifted my spirits today (just what I needed)! As always, you're right again. Happy New Year! -AR

THANK YOU for the wonderful reading. My mind was set at ease about so many things....You're the only one that truly "gets me" on some things!! Love you so much! -Andi T.

Shelby thank you for your input today. It helps to have someone with vision to put a bit of clarity into my head. I feel better. Blessings to you and love. -Kristi

Shelby is straight forward and no-nonsense. Several things she has told me have come true; I'm waiting for more time to pass to see what else unfolds. amazing! -Sandie

Shelby there are no words to express my gratitude. You truly are an angel. -Leigh

Shelby You are amazing! thank you, -Kim H.

As always, thank you for the reading, reiki and quantum-touch. You are the best. Heart filled with warm smiles just being in your vibration. With love, -Peggy B.

Hi Shelby, was happy to see you today for another great reading. You're always on target with everything I ask. You know I'll be back. -TG

I'm feeling a lot better since you did quantum touch. The pain in my heel and ankle is gone and I'm able to walk better today. Thanks Shelby! -Steve F.

Hey Shelby, Just a heads up things have happened one by one like you said, all of it. I am no longer a skeptic. Take care, -William

Hello Shelby, Yesterdays crystal treatment blew me away. I had no idea it was so powerful. I'm feeling very balanced and grounded still. Today it's resonating for sure. Have to get my Mom in to see you. Everyone should experience this. Thank you, -Jennifer J.

Shelby I have had many readings from you - all excellent! -Carolyn

Shelby I am so happy to FEEL and BE in my Self again. I cannot put into words my gratitude. That crystal treatment sure did rock my world, quite literally, lol. I know I will be keeping up with that on a regular basis. Thank you again so much! Love, -Charlene

Shelby, You have helped me many times before - and you have been so on the mark with everything I've ever asked you about. Thank you! Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. -Terri

Thank you for your wonderful readings. I am so happy to have found you, your readings are a great blessing with Sunlight shinning to guide me. With love, -Peggy H.

I really love to talk with you - you are always so helpful not to mention so right all of the time!! Hope all is well with you - have a safe and happy 4th. -Terri G.

Shelby Lynn, you truly are an earth angel. Thank you so much for your love, compassion and gifts. Once again, you put my mind at ease and confirmed the universal love that surrounds us. I cherish you, your purpose and your blessings. Know that your mission continues to comfort those of us that need guidance and wisdom in times where we are just unable to connect with what we know will help us. You will always be valued by me, my daughter and those I share your joy with. Thank you for all you do and all you are! With much love always, -Kimberly

Hello again Shelby, I just wanted to let you know that you were right...he is coming around :) Also, you were right again about the office I work in. As always, thank you kindly! -Antonia

Hi Shelby, I just want to thank you for the reading done on Jan 18. I want to say Thank you to you (and your guides) for telling me to go for a full medical examination. I have done my first examination and there was definitely some concerns that I need to attend to. I have a few more tests to go. Thank you again and hope all is well with you. Kind regards, -Jenny

Hi Shelby, I just came across the reading you did for me 3 years ago after which things turned out as you said. Thank you, -Naoko

My sister and her friends go to Shelby. I was in a dilemma and my sister suggested a reading. I was real impressed with her and how accurate she is. She helped me to see what I didn't before and it inspired me. She told of events to come and some are happening now. Shelby has the gift and I highly recommend her. -Thomas

Hi Shelby, I just want to say Thank you for your reading on 9/3 at 11 am. You are fast (speed reader) very accurate and I got a lot more information than I expected. It is really comforting to talk to you. Thank you again. Kind regards, -Jenny

Dear Shelby, I wanted to say thank you from all of us for the awesome readings! I came with my husband and sister at the Italian festival. We plan to see you again. Always, -Trish, Rob, Jani

Thank you so much for the reading. May your gift give much help to those who seek your services.....How wonderful that we have a Supreme Being who gives such gifts as yours. Blessings, love -Ginny

Hi Shelby, I visited with you during the Irish festival and you gave me a very accurate reading. Thank you, -Lisa

Shelby Lynn is very real in the sense of a real, down to earth type gal. I can't say enough about her because she truly cares and is such an incredibly kind person. Naturally gifted, generous, and very wise in many ways in her counsel. She is a gift plain and simple and that's why we love hype, no ego...just real! -Kimberly

Damn woman you are good! They found him already and it was concerning money and he was in LA just like you said!! Thanks, great work as usual dear sistah : ) -IK

Thanks for the chat beauty girl. You (and your Guides) are the best! -BS

Shelby, Thank you for your kind words today :---). You always just "know" what is going on and I will always be one of your biggest fans with big words of praise for you! And I am sending nothing but good & bright blessings your way, too! Always, -Kathie

Hi Shelby! You were right! Thank you for all the help you have been to me...don't think I could have made it through the last several years without your help (((((((hugs))))))))))! Happy Summer to you and yours! Love, -Gayle

Shelby, You did it again you are right on again! Keep on helping people you are wonderful and I love you! Thank You xx -Laura B.

I received a very nice reading from Shelby. It's written in such a caring way that makes you feel good after reading it. -Lorraine

Shelby, I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance. I'm forever coming to you. I truly appreciate it. I've been to other psychics before and you are by far the most accurate. There's no explanation about astrological alignments with you and I love that. You go straight to the point. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Brenda W.

I had a reading with Shelby a few days ago. She is such a quick reader. We were done in 10 mins. She cuts straight to the chase and I like that. Will keep you posted. Thanks alot Shelby :) -Brenda

Hi Shelby, I had the most wonderful reading with you Saturday. I really enjoyed the time and your energy. Looking forward to more. -Carol

Shelby says it like it is. No flowery or filler talk. She gets right to it and I appreciate that. Really comfortable reading and correct on so many points. Names, dates, situations, she sees it. Met with her many times over the years. -Ward

Hello Shelby Lynn, I just thought I would let you know that you were right again. You're awesome! Thank you so much for your insight and many blessings. -AR

I was pleased with your reading, it really made sense to me. I definitely will be talking with you again. You really are a blessing!! Thank you again Shelby. -Colleen

You answered me in a timely manner and totally knew about when I'm going on vacation. Awesome service thanks! -Aaron

Thank you Shelby. You have my utmost trust in your gift. May you be blessed this new year and throughout the years to come. -Earl

Shelby... I just wanted to say "thank you" for the reading today. It was very informative and insightful! I am certain we will talk again soon... thanks again! -Melissa

Once again, thank you so much Shelby Lynn :) Your insight has helped me in some key decisions I need to make for the new year. All the best, -Antonia

Thank you for your insight. Things are happening just as you described. God bless! -Brenda

Excellent phone reading Shelby Lynn! Thanks, -Eddie

Wonderful reading Shelby thanks so much. Angel hugs to you, -Barb

I had a very good experience with Shelby. I thought she was honest and very good in her reading. I was recommended by a friend of mine from New York and he found Shelby on the web. I recommend Shelby to all my friends who believe in this stuff. -Donna P.

Shelby, I just had to write and say thank you once again for my reading. You hit the nail on the head with so many things. I think this is by far the best reading I've had. Will call you again for sure! Thank you, -Marie

Had a lovely reading with Shelby last night. She knew many things only I knew and it kind of freaked me out :) She really is a psychic. -Kristi

Shelby's readings are always to the point and she doesn't make up fancy stories. She tells what she sees and no more which is very helpful as the message does not get confused. I have been getting readings by her regularly over many years now. -Stephen

Shelby gives the best readings! None better and worth every penny. She is truly gifted and I love her. -Pat

No coincidences in life, I asked for help and "found" you! Love, -Gayle

Thanks Shelby, You were right.........again. Peace and light, -Sue

What a joy you are my dear! Thank you!! I still feeling guided to walk with you on this journey knowing that God put us in touch for a reason. I feel pure intentions/love from you and that is truth speaking to me. I look forward to another 'chat'. Peace to you and yours Shelby Lynn! -Kimberly

Hi Shelby, thank you for last reading!!!! I have good feeling from you. -Yen

Very satisfied customer! : ) -Wendy

Hi Shelby! I had such a good time with you and Kathie! Thank you for the reading. I was glad to hear from my Mother-In-Law and your vision of the future for me. Let's do it again soon! -Karen

Thank you for my readings. You are truly amazing. You really are exact on everything you tell me in my reading and I will keep coming back... -Carolyn

Once again prediction was right on, thank you so much your insight is always so helpful! -Antonia

If you're looking for a down to Earth, caring person... call on Shelby. She calls 'em like she sees 'em. I've known her for years and years and I've never been to a better reader. Keep up the great work Shelby... you're helping so many! Love ya, -Andi

Shelby, I am blown away... incredibly accurate reading, amazing. Thank you so much. -Peggy

Thank you Shelby, your last reading to me really is true to my life. Thank you for your assistance and guidance. -Gabby

I just want to say that Shelby Lynn is always right on the money when she does readings for me. She has done a few in the past and I can't believe how everything she says is true or happens. Thanks again for another great reading, you are truly the best!! -Carolyn

You were absolutely right in your prediction last year that there might be a delay in my studies and I might not start officially until January 2007! Thankfully, I did not panic because I knew this might happen and proceeded with my "Plan B". Many thanks! Thank you so much and many blessings to you -Antonia

Hi Shelby! Had readings from you by phone before. Just enjoy your honesty and thanks again for your help time and efforts. -Brent

Dearest Shelby Lynn, I am being guided to you and only want to work with you. With light and love, -Kimberly

I can't wait to get a reading, I like your style. Thanks -Lisa

Thank you for my reading it was informative, insightful and spot on. I enjoyed my reading and will be back. -Theresa

Hi! I like your approach to readings. We need more psychics like you in the world. Love and Light, -Avalon

Hi Shelby, I asked in a reading from you recently, about 2 pair of lost diamond earrings. Well, I found them after going on 2 years lost, you were right. And I must tell you, so you know, how right you can be. I searched high and low & everywhere in this house - but I was not sure what happened to them. I went into the bedroom & searched all the pockets in my closet - yep, there they were close to the wall in a soft pink robe pocket in the box. I couldn't believe it, this was so great, you are so awesome. What a gift you have. No one could have known this!!!!!! Hope this inspires you further always love and cherish your given abilities! Blessings to you! -Kathie

Hi Shelby! Thank you so much for the email reading you just sent me and thank you for your kindness. Shelby, you give me so much, now I have peace in my mind and soul. God Bless you -Zorica

Dear Shelby, Thank you for the kind reading you send me. You give me hope and courage to go on. And yes..there is light at the end of the tunnel...I'd lost sight of it. Yes, I do understand when u speak of 'enabling someone" I will remember what you said to me in the reading. Thank you for your kindness!! God Bless you Shelby!!! -Love, -Mona

Thank you very much for your reading. It has encouraged and intrigues me. Bless you, -Lynne ox

Hi Shelby, The reading you did was so on target I was just amazed & enjoy this blessed gift you have been given! I like your direct style of telling it like it is. I so enjoy what you have to say & wish you the best in all you do! -Kathie

Have had several readings in the past and have been very happy. -CC

Hi Shelby, Thanks so much I look forward to speaking with you again! -Donna

I highly recommend Shelby! She has a tremendous gift and was very helpful to me. Thank you so much, Shelby for sharing your gifts with others! Blessings, -Mary

Shelby, Thanks for all the help you gave me. You are as beautiful inside as you are outside. I look forward to being your customer and friend for many years to come. Love and Blessings, -Jeannie

I have been getting readings from Shelby for about 2 years now. I am not just saying "the reading was dead on, I could tell"...I'm saying all my readings were dead on. I KNOW because I waited nearly 2 years to see it happen! I can now look back and see that her accuracy is amazing. Just in the past few months, things she told me of back in 2000, have occurred as she said they would. -Ruth

Shelby Lynn, I want to thank you first and fore most to your help and advice you've give me. You've made me a true believer at your gift. God Bless, -Earl

Thank you Shelby, you have helped me get through some very difficult have been right about it all along : ) Love, -Gayle

I can't tell you what a great experience I had. I have had five previous readings -- three by folks who dished out some really general advice and one from a natural clairvoyant like yourself. I had such an amazing feeling of peace when you told me about my father-in-law and my cat. Those things had been heavy on my mind. I had to tell my mother-in-law about my experience and I'm sure she will be contacting you in the future. Thanks so much Shelby! -Tara

I have had readings from you many times and I think you are wonderful! -Carolyn

Last August I had a reading on the phone with Shelby. She told me that the two men in my life would not be permanent and I would meet someone new. I was not real happy with this. Well in February I met a new gentleman who is the love of my life and he has changed my life completely. Shelby said that he would be a few years older then me but act younger then he is - and he does. He would want the same things out of life that I do and it would be what I needed - that is an understatement we are perfect together. She said she saw a white truck - he showed me a photo of his truck he used to have while building his home and there was the white truck right in the middle of the photo. Shelby said she saw the letter R in his name. That is his middle name initial and he uses that name all the time. I am amazed!! -Nancy

You have helped me before :) Looking so much forward to your reading! Thank you in advance! -Åsa

I am looking forward to speaking with you again! -Jennifer

I like you and I like your readings! -Lisa

Shelby is so exact and correct. I fell in love with her after my first reading and plan on bugging the heck out of her for a long time to come. -Marilyn

Thank you so much for the email reading you just sent me. I really like your style that you present it in. Your other clients were so right about how gifted you are. I've had several "psychic" readings thus far this year, and none of them even compare to being as realistic or down to earth as yours does. You just cut straight to the chase, and I like that. God bless you, -Rebecca

I've had a previous readings from you, very pleased, thank you -Joan

I found you by an Internet search from awhile back and I keep coming back :-) -Krista

I had a reading with Shelby last night. She described some situations in my life perfectly. I feel real good about the reading and enjoyed it so much. You gave the encouragement I needed. Thank you with all my heart, Shelby. -Nancy G

Hi Shelby, Thank you and I do appreciate your insight. -Hoa

Have consulted in the past you've been very helpful. -Denise

Shelby was recommended to me by my sisters' friend. I was skeptical at first...I didn't know what to expect. During my initial reading, Shelby mentioned things about my mother (who had passed away 10 years earlier) that only I knew about....I was really impressed. Her readings have been and continue to be very accurate for me, both personally and professionally. Shelby has provided a sense of awareness and peace-of-mind regarding career changes, family matters and personal issues. She is a warm, caring and down-to-earth person who has become a very dear friend. I highly recommend that you receive a reading from her via the Internet or in person. -Robin

Right off the bat Shelby told me things from my past as well as my future that were remarkable. The first was my great aunt Iva's name. Iva is such a unique name that there was no way you could guess a name like Iva. A few big things that she has told me over the years have been where my lost dog was, the many job opportunities which have come my way. She warned about an accident two years before I had it. She told me the time of year and the vehicle I would be in. It all turned out ok just like she said it would. She is accurate and I've had many readings from her. -Jenny W.

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